The Republic of Zimbabwe
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Step 7

Understanding Export Logistics

Zimbabwe is a land-locked country, and as such all its export cargo must either be air-lifted or shipped through a third-country port.

Exporters must understand the principles of both air and sea cargo. You must know the players engaged in providing the right logistics services and more importantly know the rates for air and sea cargo. For sea cargo, you must also understand multi-modal transport, that is train and road transport to connect to your preferred port. For cross-border trade with the region, you should know the road and rail transport services.

REMEMBER: Always consult more than one service provider and always negotiate the best rates.



To effectively succeed in doing international business you should know a good licensed customs broker and freight forwarder. These professionals will assist, in selecting the most economical route and price as well as in choosing the most reliable shipping line/agent.


To obtain a list of customs brokers, cargo agents and freight forwarders in Zimbabwe, contact

You can make an on-line request to find a Freight forwarder and even get a freight quote on:


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