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EISAZ – Engineering, Iron and Steel Sector Strategy

EU Delegation Speech The strategy contained in this document is the result of rigorous and intense collaborative efforts delivered by many stakeholders in the Zimbabwean Engineering, Iron and Steel sector. Following on from the support rendered to the Zimbabwe Cotton-to-Clothing strategy, the Delegation of the European Union to the Republic of Zimbabwe (EUD) is again delighted to have contributed in supporting another high priority sector within the Trade and Private Sector Development Programme (TPSDP). A robust engineering, iron and steel sector is crucial to the revival of the Zimbabwean economy as it forms the foundation of manufacturing and hence has... Read more

ZCBTA – Strategy Validation Worskhop 2015-2018 (2.1.19)

This document seeks to provide feedback on the cross border trade customs formalities as determined by the research conducted from October 2014 to November 2014. The research entailed a survey of 9 border posts with 446 respondents (noted in black on the map below), 7 focus group discussions around Zimbabwe with 383 participants (noted in blue on the map below), observations by the researchers and interviews with selected stakeholders.  The report will discuss the feedback from the different research tools in so far as it relates to Cross border trade and will also seek to determine if there is any... Read more

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