The Republic of Zimbabwe
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Global business directories

Business directories for 70 countries. 1.9 Million Companies, 23 Million key product references, 3.5 Million executives names and 750,000 trade and brand names.  fleche

CEO Express
Links to major Web sites of use to international business executives.  fleche

Directory of German and other companies looking for partnerships and investment. Enables both German and foreign companies to publicize their products and services on Internet and  to inquire about the products and services they need. fleche

WLW Online
“Wer liefert was?” which translated means “Who supplies what?” (WLW) is a European information provider on companies, products and services. Lists of companies in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, The Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Slovenia, Czech Republic, Croatia, Slovakia, Finland, UK, Italy, Slovenia, and Sweden.  fleche

Coble International Global Resources Center
Directories of importers, exporters. Also geographic and industry specific directories. Fee to purchase.  fleche


Global Sources
Directory of manufacturers and suppliers worldwide.  fleche

Global Spec
Vertical search serving the engineering, manufacturing and related scientific and technical market segments.  fleche
Database of importers worldwide.  fleche

Telephone directories from around the world on-line including white, yellow and fax pages from more than 184 countries.  fleche

Worldwide trade leads and business directory.  fleche


Arts and Crafts in Zimbabwe

Beekeepers target over 400k litres of honey

Export Regulations trimmed down

Exporter of the Year Award Winners

Four priority projects to be undertaken by ZimTrade

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