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National Arts Council

Championing Arts Development

National Arts Council of Zimbabwe (NACZ) was created through an Act of Parliament in 1985 and has been ‘Championing’ the promotion and development of the arts sector by providing support, initiating arts programmes and forging partnerships with key stakeholders in the arts and culture sector.

The main function of National Arts Council of Zimbabwe (NACZ) is to foster, develop and improve the knowledge, understanding and practice of the arts and their presentation, performance, execution and the exhibition of the same to various publics.

NACZ has a Head Office which is in Harare, a Culture Centre in Murewa and 10 Provincial offices country wide to ensure that it interacts and services artists, arts and culture organisations for the development and promotion of the sector. These offices have at least a Provincial Arts Manager and a Programme officer who ensure that NACZ roles and functions are fulfilled.

Viable and professional creative industries by 2018

To develop and promote platforms for socio-economic investment and implement professional and legal standards for the creative industries in Zimbabwe by 2018

In pursuit of our vision and mission, NACZ will be guided and uphold the following principles/core values.

• Creative Diversity

• Stakeholder Participation

• Entrepreneurship

• Sustainability

• Commitment to excellence

• Integrity

Services Offered

A NACZ office has some resources and opportunities for the artists. These offices can be a great asset for all types of artists. Some of the services offered include
• Artist and stakeholder meetings
• Industrial learning opportunities
• Arts directories, registries and calendar of events
• Aadvice on how to run different arts projects
• Support artists and stakeholders activities
• Market artists products during festivals and exhibitions
• Issue support letters to artists for various projects
• Partnerships in arts initiatives
• Recommend artists to partake in arts related programmes
• Job opportunities for artists to provide services during NACZ programmes and other stakeholders
• Arts-in-residencies at Murewa Centre
• Providing Duty- free facility to registered arts organisation on recording and broadcasting equipment, music instruments and Public Address System equipment.

Contact Us

2nd Floor, Education Services Centre
Upper East Road, Mount Pleasant
P. O. Box 10463

General line: +263 4 304530/308239
Direct line: +263 4 308069
Fax: +263 4 304510/333819
Facebook: National Arts Council of Zimbabwe-NACZ


  • National Arts Merit Award (NAMA)
  • Culture Week
  • Jikinya Dance Festival
  • Mbende Jerusarema Dance Festival
  • National Arts and Culture Indaba


  • Chibuku Road to Fame
  • Chibuku Neshamwari Traditional Dance Festival
  • Musica

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