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Privileged Partners

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Privileged Partners

International trade, exporting and importing, is the backbone of the Zimbabwean economy, which is firmly integrated in the regional and global market space. Exporting and importing involves more than just “the Exporter” and “the Importer”. In fact trading across borders involves several key players, besides the Exporter and Importer in the “Factory to Customer” value-chain. They are, among others:

  • The Customs Department
  • Commercial Banks
  • The Insurance companies
  • Standards Bureau (The Standards Association of Zimbabwe)
  • The Carriers
  • Agencies issuing Certificate of Origin, Export license
  • Freight Forwarders, Customs Clearing Agents
  • Different line Ministries to negotiate regional and international trade agreements
  • Trade Support Institutions
  • Industry Associations/Federations

Each party is an important link in the manufacturing and distribution logistics value-chain. They are called upon to closely collaborate between each other, at different stages of exporting or importing, based on a unique partnership framework to make trade happen. This  in turn will promote overall economic development and growth of Zimbabwe, in terms of poverty alleviation, entrepreneurship development, attracting investment, including FDI, accelerating transfer of technology & innovation and ultimately generating export earnings.

In this vital endeavor, ZimTrade has established a Privileged Partnership Platform of public and private organisations and Ministries who are engaged in exporting and importing business and committed to helping Zimbabwean exporters reach-out to the regional and international markets.


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