The Republic of Zimbabwe
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Step 3

Developing Your Export Marketing Plan

After completing your analysis of internal factors (assessing your export readiness) and external review (investigation of the target market with regards to opportunities, challenges, competition, logistics and risks) you should be able to establish a Unique Selling Proposition (USP) of your product/service in the target market. Your Plan must cover the following:

  • Your USP (price, features, quality, customer service, brand and technology)
  • The target market (including sub-market)
  • The distribution channel (agents, distributor, retailer, direct to end-user)
  • The product pricing
  • A competitors’ analysis
  • The promotion strategy
  • The logistics (freight forwarder, customs broker, shipping lines, airlines)
  • The after sales care and support facilities
  • The resources required (budget and personnel)
  • Risks and mitigating factors

ZimTrade has prepared a template to enable you complete your Export Marketing Business Plan.

Export Marketing Plan Template


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